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I enjoy writing about my own personal running journey, bragging about my clients, sharing tips, writing race reports and sharing product reviews for active families. I have worked with close to 300 different brands and events to review and share their products and services.

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1702, 2021

2 year self-employment update.

WOW, this month marks two years since I finally had the courage to venture out into the world of self-employment on a full time basis. Nothing like quitting your cushy-state job in the middle of a Polar Vortex to pursue your dream of becoming a full-time running coach and personal trainer for women in Wisconsin. Brrrrr, man was it ever freaking cold that winter!! After several months of trying to get up the courage say good-bye to something that wasn't lighting me up, I finally submitted my resignation in January 2019 and left that position after six weeks of transitioning away from my desk. I realized after twenty years, that I was not built to sit at a desk all day. And, two years

1302, 2021

hold on …. I’m recharging ….

Today I made another great choice for my mental health. I embrace movement ... every. Single. Day. Yup, everyday. Movement motivates me. It’s just who I am. And when I don’t move, I am a wreck. Always feeling like I should be doing more. I am embracing a full 24 hours of rest. And my watch will be sitting here charging for the rest of the day. So that it doesn’t remind me of what I’m NOT doing today. (a clever suggestion from my hubby.) Instead ... I am going to focus on what I AM doing today: didn’t wake up at 3:50 — instead woke up at 6:00 to my husband cuddling with me. didn’t rush though my morning cup of coffee —

1102, 2021

Cleaning up my mental health

Okay, I'm coming clean. If you ask any of my kids, they will tell you that I'm thrifty. Actually, they will probably tell you that I'm cheap. But I would like to think that they understand why I make thoughtful financial decisions for our family every single day. After having been in debt for a decade and getting out of that situation where I felt trapped and buried, I have chosen to live the last ten years without a credit card. Not once have I used a plastic card in my wallet for a purchase or to support my immediate wants, spending habits or impulse decisions. I was able to shift my financial mindset after transitioning through a pivotal moment of my life. And

902, 2021

Valentine’s Day Bean Bag Toss Workout

Grab a set of 5 pound dumbbells and a resistance band with handles and get ready for a great full body workout this month. Print out this workout and add some variety, fun and unpredictability to your workouts this week -- get your partner or the whole family involved! If you don't have a similar bean bag game handy you can also use dice, a deck of cards or a random number generator app on your phone. You could also have the kiddos make a similar bean bag toss with all of those art supplies you have laying around. You may also want to have a set of 8-10 pound bells available for lighter repetitions. Valentines Day Bean Bag Toss (PDF)

302, 2021

17 songs with “run” lyrics for running

I am super motivated by music, a steady rhythm ... and words. I love being moved by the right song and the right lyrics. I enjoy running to songs that feature running in the lyrics, repeat the theme of movement or pushing yourself to new limits. Here is my "running lyrics" playlist. These 17 songs with "run" in the chorus and the lyrics are perfect for your next treadmill session or outdoor run. Some of the songs have a few explicit lyrics. So be cautious if you aren't listening with earbuds. The playlist starts off slow and light, as you elevate your heart rate and then the beat picks up after you're warmed-up and ready to push through that next barrier. This playlist is

302, 2021

5 at home exercises that require absolutely no equipment

If you don't currently have access to any equipment or are a frequent traveler, it can be difficult to be creative with versatile exercises that will challenge you and make you stronger -- without any equipment. I have created a repository of at home workouts and videos that help you perfect your form on my YouTube channel. All of the exercises require very minimal equipment -- and many require just your body weight. Here are five at home exercise that require absolutely no equipment. You can easily complete these from your living room, cramped quarters in a hotel room or outdoors at the local park while your little one is playing. This no equipment workout is called the double leg ab press. You'll use

302, 2021

Treadmill + Strength Workouts

Do you love a good cardio session, but need to also embrace your strength training? Of course you do! Grab a set of light dumbbells and join me for these quick workouts that combine the treadmill and strength training. These workouts range from 30-60 minutes and include a warm-up and cool-down walk, short bursts of running as well as arm, shoulder and exercises with some light hand weights and using your body weight. Go ahead, take a screen shot of one of the workouts or print it out. Plug in your own suggested paces. And, join me from your home gym or the treadmill at the gym. Treadmill & Strength Workout 1 Treadmill & Strength Workout 2

2001, 2021

Winter Running in Sun Prairie

Hopefully you have had the opportunity to share some of my favorite Madison-area running routes with me. Unfortunately, they aren’t all clear once the snow and ice arrive. If you are heading out for your next winter run in Sun Prairie, and are wondering what is clear for you, I have assembled this resource guide for local runners and walkers. Together with my personal knowledge of exploring thousands of miles of Sun Prairie on foot and the provided City of Sun Prairie bike path and road plow map, I have assembled this resource of running routes available in the Sun Prairie area during the winter. The timing and clearance of these roads, paths and sidewalks is heavily dependent on the amount and duration of

2212, 2020

REVIEW – Using KIDS’N’PETS Stain and Odor Remover in our new Dream Home

We recently moved into our dream home. And it feels wonderful! There is plenty of space for the five of us, extra room in fact. A nice, spacious yard. The home has had many updates and upgrades. Many external updates have been made that we won't have to think about for decades to come. Phew! A remodeled kitchen, updated fixtures and lighting have all been incorporated throughout the home. Fresh paint has also been done on all three floors. The only downfall that we inherited was the dated and worn ivory carpet throughout the upper level and the main entry area on the primary living space. These are also high traffic areas, including our main stairwell. With three busy kids and an active, shedding

1612, 2020

Holiday Workout Playlists

I love updating my playlists frequently and providing new tunes for my personal runs and my clients' strength and cardio sessions in the Running Diva Mom Studio. The holidays are no different. Here is my upbeat holiday workout playlist as well as an easy listening version for early morning yoga or post-run stretching. The Very Decent Christmas tunes may also provide some laughs and entertainment while you sweat! Upbeat Holiday Playlist All I Want for Christmas - Is My Two Front Teeth (MJ Cole Remix) - The Nat "King" Cole Trio Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remix Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Billy May I'd Like You for Christmas - Julie London Everybody's Waitin' For - The Man With the Bag (Thunderball Mix) - Kay

1412, 2020

New Year’s Eve Countdown Workout

As the year concludes and the over-scheduled holiday season winds-down, take thirty minutes for yourself to complete this New Year's Eve Countdown Workout. Together, we will countdown from 20 to 1 with twenty different exercises that will tone and strengthen the entire body. You'll complete the assigned number of repetitions of each exercise. Tone the arms, strengthen the core, and get stronger, leaner legs with this fifteen minute workout. For a well-balanced thirty minute strength training session, complete the routine two times. Bring on the New Year with a positive attitude and a great mindset! New Year's Eve Countdown Workout (PDF) Workout along with me on YouTube

1412, 2020

Christmas Core & Arm At Home Workout

With the chaos and lack of routine around the holidays, it is even more important to make time for ourselves and make our health and wellness a priority. We should all try to carve out a minimum of thirty minutes for ourselves each day this holiday season. Schedule an appointment with yourself to move your body in a way that brings a smile to your face. You will be able to tackle holiday gatherings, projects and tasks with a different mindset. Use this quick workout to tone the entire body as the holidays approach. Though the eleven exercises will work the whole body, there is a primary focus on the core. You will need a set of five to ten pound dumbbells to complete

1811, 2020

Who’s exhausted?!

I’m the one that’s mentally exhausted from this week! But she’s the one that got a nap in. And I got a ton of movement in. Six miles of wind and sunshine. We both feel better now! #almostfive #stuffedherinthestroller

1711, 2020

So many unknowns today.

So many unknowns today. 😳 But I quit focusing on what I couldn’t control today. And instead spent 47 mins focusing on something that I could. I took the road less traveled today for five miles of socially-distanced, emotionally- cleansing miles. 🌞 If you’re feeling like this, please know that you aren’t alone. Share some virtual miles with me.

2709, 2020

17 years old vs 40 years old

This 40 year old who ran 40 miles in a day was just cleaning out the basement and tried on this 17 year old’s letter jacket. You know, that girl who could not finish a mile in gym class. That girl who didn’t believe in pushing herself. Because she didn’t believe in herself. Running taught her to believe in herself. She then changed her ending.

2409, 2020

Tips for Running in the Rain

Struggling to lace up your running shoes and get those miles in during some less-than-ideal conditions? Is the forecast calling for some rain during your scheduled long run this weekend? Sometimes things really can look worse through your window. If you are dressed appropriately, staying safe and maintain a positive mindset, running in the rain doesn't have to be all that bad. And actually, it can kind of be refreshing. You may even feel a real sense of accomplishment. I find running in light rain to often be a "cleansing" experience and often finish with a smile on my face. Here are some of my top tips staying off that treadmill or skipping that run all together, and instead embracing the raindrops. What to

2009, 2020

My 40 miler kinda broke me.

My 40 miler kinda broke me. Okay, really broke me. I lost all of my joy for running. For the challenge of my long run. For the love of pushing myself. I’ve been struggling internally with my runs for a couple of months now. The selling and moving process has continued to challenge my mindset and willingness to let things go and adjust to the “uncontrollables”. When the wires get tangled, when the pieces get broken, or if I’m unable to adjust ... my long run becomes my “controllable”. But I just haven’t been willing to push myself like that lately. But today my husband told me that he was taking our little to church and that I was GOING for a long run.

1009, 2020

Stretches for Runners

It is really important to incorporate a full body stretching routine after your workouts and runs. Taking the five to ten minutes post-workout can really help decrease your risk for injury and soreness. You are more prone to injury if you stretch before your workouts. These stretches should be completed after you’ve hit the treadmill or the pavement. Instead, try incorporating a 5-10 minute dynamic warm-up before your runs to elevate your heart rate, start perspiration and get the whole body warmed-up. Several of these post-run stretches will also test your balance. There are both standing and floor options provided. Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds. Stretches for Runners Handout (printable) Seven min Post-Run Stretching Routine on YouTube (video)   Quad - standing

909, 2020

Back Stretches

Many of us suffer from lower and upper back pain. This may be from strenuous workouts, looking down at your phone or computer screen, driving in your vehicle or improper form while running. Use these exercises to stretch out the back and focus on your breathing. Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds. Back Stretches Handout (PDF)   Cobra pose - high Cobra pose - low Cat Cow Child's pose Chair stretch

809, 2020

Tips for Winter Running

Complete a 10-15 minute full body warm up indoors before you run. Raise the body temperature to a “light sweat” and elevate the heart rate before you head out. Dress like it is 10-15 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. You will warm up quickly, after ten minutes or so. Dress in layers, with your top layer being a zipping layer. Your exterior jacket (zipping layer) should be wind and/or waterproof. An insulating layer should go on top of your base layer – fleece or something to keep you warm. The base layer should be a synthetic, wicking material. This will keep you both warm and dry, without adding extra bulk. Leggings or running tights should also be made of a wicking material. Check

809, 2020

Introduction to Speedwork

Strides: This form of speedwork is typically incorporated into 20-40 minute training runs.  Very short bursts of swift running for 10-30 seconds.  Incorporate 6-10 strides during a 20-40 minute run.  After each stride, do NOT stop running.  Instead, continue your run at your conversation pace.  Most often done at the end of a workout.  Run to a landmark, mailbox, street sign, etc.  Promotes efficient running form.  Easier recovery than other forms of speedwork. Tempo: Done at a swift, continuous pace, generally for 20-30 mins.  Tempo runs are completed just below your maximum pace (between your 5K-10K pace).  Promotes efficient running form.  Teaches speed and patience during discomfort. Fartlek: This “speed play” includes fast bouts of running, followed by a bout of “rest” at conversation

409, 2020

Breathing Tips for Runners

Many of my new and existing clients comment that they struggle with their breathing during their runs on their own. I especially find this to be a common concern in my introductory classes, as the number one reason that individuals haven't enjoyed running on their own. Here are some of my top tips for making your runs more comfortable and enjoyable, while working on your form, posture and breathing pattern. Remember that these approaches aren't a one-size-fits-all suggestion and that you should experiment with different breathing patterns and exercises that will enhance your own workouts. Complete a 5-10 min warm-up before your run. This will warm-up your body and gradually increase your rate of your breathing. Consider a walk or a dynamic warm-up built

3107, 2020

Don’t let this hold you back.

By 9:00 this morning, I was driving to meet my husband to drop off my vehicle for maintenance. Although I was annoyed that I had to take my van into the shop, I was grateful that we both have the flexible schedules to be able to do things like this every single day. The flexibility. No permission needed to do anything. Setting appointments and schedules on our own terms. To exercise when I can and meet friends for lunch or a walk during day. And, by 9:00 in the morning, I had already ran twice for myself, coached an early morning running group, led an in home personal training session and instructed a virtual fitness class online from my studio. The rest of the

2807, 2020

Let’s talk …. vacation running

Let’s talk .... vacation running!!! Didn’t happen. My running shoes were packed. All the extra clothes and gear were packed. I had all the time available in my mornings. But I just wasn’t feeling it. I haven’t ran in almost a week. I’ve never taken a week off (or even a couple of days) in 15 years, unless physically forced to. Normally I’d be getting stir crazy. With every vacation I set the alarm and get out early and run. Disney world. California. Chicago. Arizona. Tennessee. Minocqua. Door County. I need to run off the crazy before a full day of schedule planned activities. And I love exploring new places on foot. It’s always something that I can control in my day. But I

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