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I enjoy writing about my own personal running journey, bragging about my clients, sharing tips, writing race reports and sharing product reviews for active families. I have worked with close to 300 different brands and events to review and share their products and services.

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1704, 2020

Did you move today?

Feeling stagnant right now? Having trouble moving forward? I get it. Sometimes the first step in moving forward is the most difficult step of all. I hope that you can find the momentum right now to focus on what you CAN do. Instead of what you CAN'T do. Focus on thirty minutes of movement every day. Walking the dog. Running laps around your neighborhood. An at home workout in your basement gym. Walking the stairs in your house. Strength training in your living room. An old fitness video that is collecting dust. Cleaning the house. Use the enclosed printable to share today's success. Share it with others online. Or keep each day's record as a reminder of what you CAN do. I moved today

904, 2020

Broken, Beautiful and Still Running

I have ran all week in tank tops. But, if I had to layer-up again today, I proudly did it in my ol' hoodie from Minerva Running. This bold sweatshirt always makes a statement. But it makes even more of a statement now. Because, every day for the last four weeks, the only thing that hasn't been cancelled from my day are my runs - and some days there are multiple of them.  I may not be "rising and shining" as early as I use to. My alarm never starts with a "4" on it, and rarely a "5". I'm not all matchy-matchy from head-to-toe. I never have on a full face of makeup. But I'm still up, not napping or dragging and I'm

704, 2020

Family Four Square Workout

Take your new cardio session outdoors with this fun, Four Square Workout. You can complete this one by yourself, with a partner, or get the whole family involved. Draw four large squares with chalk in your driveway or in a large, open space. Each participant will pick their own square to start and will complete the assigned exercise for thirty seconds. Take a ten second break and rotate squares and complete the first exercise in the next square for thirty seconds. Complete each station five times, until you have completed each exercise at each station - twenty exercises total. This workout can also be completed at indoor stations for a versatile rainy-day workout. Four Square Workout

304, 2020

Hiking Scavenger Hunt

If you are heading out with the kids to a state park or nature trail today, keep them interested by using this interactive Hiking Scavenger Hunt along the way. You may even find many of these items in your own neighborhood. Grab a small garbage bag to collect the litter that will be collected and a camera or smartphone to take photos of the items that you find along the way. Remember that we should never take items from nature and should never leave anything behind either - only footprints. Don't forget to look down and in unique spaces and up in the sky for unique findings. Use this printable as an opportunity to keep your group moving further to find all 24 items!

304, 2020

Couch to 5K Training Program

Whether you are just getting back into running or have never ran before, this ten week training program is perfect for taking anyone from walking to running in just ten weeks. Always warm up and cool down with a five minute walk. You may also opt to include a more dynamic warm-up if you have a preexisting injury or are feeling tight somewhere. I highly suggest incorporating more walking if needed, as this training program is highly customizable. I have worked with more than 1,000 women through my programs in the area to get them active through running. Please refer to my many suggestions for new runners, as your question has probably been addressed in one of my classes. Have a good run! Couch

1903, 2020

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

If your family is looking for a fun indoor activity, give this indoor scavenger hunt a try. Each family member can print off their own card or adults can complete the hunt with younger members of the family. Family members can use the challenges to record what they find or how many they find of each item. Family members are also encouraged to take photos of the items they find to show family members what they found. Family members are encouraged to follow-through with some of the helpful finds during this group exercises - like cleaning, discarding and putting things away. Indoor Scavenger Hunt (PDF)

1903, 2020

Writing prompts during times of uncertainty.

If you're like me, you probably are living a whole different life than you were one week ago. You may be working from home while juggling homeschooling your children. You may be working away from home while the rest of your family is at home doing their work and school work. You may have been a stay at home parent that now has your entire family at home. You may live alone and work was the only social outlet you really had. If you're like me, your family has gone from being over-scheduled to having to be creative at home with limited outlets and social interaction. I use to feel almost paralyzed by the number of things on our daily agenda and the number

1603, 2020

Rock the Shamrock Workout for St. Patrick’s Day

I was going to have clients complete this fun Rock the Shamrock Workout for St. Patrick's Day this week. But I'm hoping that I can reach even more of you widely this week - and maybe even your families! Print out these twelve exercise cards and have your family work through sets of three and seventeen repetitions of each exercises. The awesome thing is that these exercises don't require any equipment - which is perfect for our at home situation right now. Get out those craft supplies and have the kids get creative by cutting out shamrocks and coloring them. Here are some of the exercises that may be unfamiliar to you: McGill Crunches Inchworms Superman 90 degree slides

1403, 2020

75 things to do with all of that free time you have

With so many of us being consumed with "being busy" and "on-the-go", you might be feeling a little bit lost during this time of uncertainty and unscheduled hours. I know I have a bit. Okay, maybe more than a bit. But, I am trying to embrace this time doing some of the things that I have let go of with relationships, around the house, things I haven't done for myself and just those nagging things that I never seem to make the time to do. Here is a list of things that you can do to stay productive instead of just binge-watching Netflix. (Although I will be indulging in a little bit of that, too!). Here are seventy-five things that you and your family

1403, 2020

25 ways to stay active & healthy as a family during your forced downtime

Is your gym closed? Fitness classes cancelled? Are all of your kids' activities and sports done for the season? Can't get to the pool? Fearful of going to the gym? Use this forced downtime as an opportunity to focus on yourself at home. And get your family active in new ways. There are plenty of things that you and your family can do to stay active while you are on this forced break from our busy lives. I will be posting several at home workouts, challenges and outlets to get outdoors as we can. Instead of rushing from activity to activity, over-scheduling ourselves, eating on-the-go and planning, planning, planning -- use this opportunity to be together at home and create opportunities to connect, do

3112, 2019

No goals, but accomplishing so many peaks in 2019.

This morning, with the roads dark, icy and covered in snow, I closed-out my final miles of 2019 on the treadmill at the gym. My final seven miles of the year, brought me to a total of 130 for the month of December and an all-time high of 1,773.5 for the year. I far surpassed my completed mileage from previous years, even without having any personal goals or too many races scheduled for the year. This was also my first time reaching over 200 miles in a month. The great thing about 2019 was not having any personal goals. But accomplishing so many peaks regardless of that. I just allowed myself to push, make mistakes, learn, and push more. But be smart about it.

1712, 2019

75 experience gifts for everyone on your list

With three kids being born during the week of Christmas, things can get quite overwhelming in our household around this time of year.  Over time, we have started saying 'no' to unnecessary commitments, are participating in quiet holiday moments at home, enjoying family time with extended relatives and are experiencing holiday traditions that truly mean something to our family. We have also started given each child an experience gift for their birthday - usually some alone time with me. And also a few experience gifts under the tree with their other packages.  Also, as our parents have aged, they are also finding that they don't need more "stuff". There is nothing worse than buying "just for the sake of buying". Sometimes gift cards don't

1712, 2019

Destination Running in Pigeon Forge

After the thirteen hour drive down from Wisconsin to Tennessesse over Thansigiving, my body was craving a run. I didn't get out for a run every day, but did a couple of times during our first road trip to the Smoky Mountains. Our cabin was situated on pin-turn roads, mountainside, so I wasn't going to be doing any runs directly from our cabin. Nor, did I want to run right down the main drag in Pigeon Forge (how boring is that?!). So I asked locals that we knew what would be a nice and safe route for me to navigate on my own in the mornings. They gave me some great tips on running near the Island of Pigeon Forge, a unique shopping center

1712, 2019

Exploring Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies with our Toddler

After a busy day trip of sightseeing and hiking in the Smoky Mountains over Thanksgiving, the rain started just as the forecast predicted at sunset. We found a parking spot in downtown Gatlinburg and rushed to dinner at Mellow Mushroom, which was on our bucket list for this trip. The pizza was ah-mazing! After filling our bellies and recharging, we walked through the rain down the main drag to the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies for an indoor adventure.  Located at a busy intersection in Gatlinburg, the large aquarium was surrounded by Christmas lights, walkways and a beautifully lit Christmas tree. It was magical. We were looking forward to wandering around inside and getting out of the rain. When we entered through the main

912, 2019

Our Midwestern Family Visits Dollywood

Our family spent Thanksgiving in the Smoky Mountains this year. Since this was our first time to the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area, we weren't sure how to spend our time. We wanted to diversify our days between running, hiking and outdoor adventures and visiting local attractions and making outings that we had not experienced before. We were only traveling with our toddler on this trip. I had heard great things about Dollywood. But we were curious if it could live up to our love of Disney. Hubby had worked at Walt Disney World and I have visited Disney about fifteen times over the years. We both loved Disney and weren't sure how Dollywood would compare to the amusement park in Orlando. But we

1710, 2019

2019 Rails to Trails Marathon Race Report

This season we were looking for something a little different for our fall event. We had done a lot of exploring, hiking and saw a lot of new nature trails, state parks, bike trails, waterfalls and nature centers this summer. So the Rails to Trails Marathon on the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail seemed like a natural way to end our 2019 season. I had biked the Sparta segment of the trail with my kids last year, so I knew that the setting would be gorgeous, a nice escape - and there would be a 3/4 mile tunnel that we would navigate through - twice. The entire race was on a crushed gravel path. The event was cancelled last year, due to the intense rain we

1610, 2019

7 tips for staying motivated after your fall race

The post-race blues really are a thing. Similar to any other major event in our lives - planning a wedding, childbirth, reaching a huge goal in life - runners can become saddened after they cross that finish line that they've been chasing for weeks or months. This becomes increasingly challenging when the weather changes in the fall, daylight hours are lost and cooler weather makes getting your workouts in a little more difficult. Here are some of my top tips for staying motivated after your big, fall race. If you have other tips that I can pass along to my running clients, please send them to me. Sign up for another event. Perhaps the best way to stay motivated after running a race is

908, 2019

8 Ways to Save on School Supplies

Wow, I am still in denial that is already August. Summer's been fun. But, the school year is right around the corner. I can tell, because my inbox is being flooded by messages from various schools regarding class schedules, events, after school activities -- and school supplies. If you're like me, you have a love/hate relationship with back-to-school shopping. I love taking my kids on this annual adventure. Trust me, I do. But I can also experience a lot of anxiety in the middle of the store aisles, after I let three kiddos loose to check items off of their list. Just like grocery shopping, I like to price-compare, purchase generic and get the best deal for my buck. Here are some of my

1807, 2019

So, why should you strength train?

Being so passionate about running, all I use to do was run, run ... and (you guessed it!) ... run! I loved what running did for me both mentally and physically. I loved how I was forced to push the limits of my body, escape my day and feel accomplished. I didn't want to slow down. But my hamstrings were tight, my core was weak and my upper body had no definition. It wasn't until I became injured and was forced to slow myself down, that I slowly realized (pun intended!) how essential strength training and regular core exercise was to my running routine. As I learned the benefits of shoulder and bicep exercises to hold my arms appropriately in place, core training to

307, 2019

Tips for Running in the Heat

With the warmer summer months finally here, it can be easy to get discouraged by the heat and sun. Plan ahead and have all of your necessities on hand and available for your next run. Here are some of my top tips for staying motivated, comfortable and safe while running in the heat. • Modify your workout with run/walk intervals • Bring a water bottle filled with ice water to run with • Bring an extra bottle of ice water to drink while you are stretching after your workout • Wear light-colored clothing • Wear tank tops and shorts • Wear wicking/breathable clothing and avoid cotton • Wear your hair up • Wear a baseball cap or visor for shade • Wear sunscreen •

1106, 2019

A morning adventure to Schumacher Farm Park

The marathon mommy minivan has driven past Schumacher Farm Park in Waunakee numerous times, during our adventures over to the west side of Madison or to attend races in Waunakee. I had recently noticed county park signage, but wasn't sure if you could actually explore the property. Today, we decided to find out. That was part of today's adventure after all. We turned off of the highway and drove up the driveway to the property. We were welcomed by several freshly painted buildings and barns. We quickly got out and explored the grassy trails in the prairie. The fifteen minute hike was perfect for the two of us. You could easily take a stroller on the grassy trail if needed. But we walked together

606, 2019

Exploring Ottawa Lake and Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail

Last weekend we visited the Ottawa Lake Recreational Area in Dousman - in the Kettle Moraine Southern Unit.  Dad was looking for somewhere new to swim in open water and we were looking to explore. The park seemed pretty quiet, but the parking lot soon got pretty busy with kayakers and fisherman. We played around at the beach while he swam. Then we did a short two mile run along the beach and through the campground.  The beach was nice and smaller, with some friendly geese in the water and cranes playing with us at the park. There were two decent playgrounds nearby and dozens of picnic tables. The campgrounds were nice and a good mixture of spots along the waterfront and in the

2005, 2019

5 Runs + Coffee stops in the Madison area

I love combining my runs, hikes and workouts with another fun outing -- often a visit to a local coffee shop. Here are some of my favorite coffee shops to run from and refuel with a vanilla latte after I've burned all those calories (and possibly a sweet treat -- sshhhh!). Deerfield - Leave from the public park on Main Street (across from the bike shop) and head in either direction on the Glacial Drumlin Trail. The trail is crushed gravel and totally flat. When you're done, walk just down the street to Deerfield Coffee House for a bagel or a muffin with your post-run cup of coffee. There is variety of seating, board games and an adorable play area for the little ones.

2005, 2019

Our favorite bug spray: REPEL Lemon Eucalyptus

People often ask me what bug spray works best for my long runs, working-out outdoors and what I use on all three of my kids. We were introduced to REPEL lemon eucalyptus insect repellent a few years ago while camping and it has been the best thing for us. It doesn't smell terrible and is deet-free -- and it actually works! I have also gotten several clients hooked on it. There is always a bottle in the marathon mommy minivan and our hiking bag! You can add yours to your next Target run or online order.     [ This article contains affiliate links and I do receive a small commission for items purchased. Opinions, advice, reviews and suggestions are all of my honest

2005, 2019

Snag Baby Diva’s “Hiking Shoes”.

See these cute pink, ruffled sweat pants here??!!  Baby Diva has named these her "hiking pants". Every time I announce that we are going on an adventure, she digs into the bottom drawer of her dresser to grab these pink hiking pants. They are already getting quite worn and stained -- I just love it!  Hopefully the weather is turning around soon, and we are going to have to find some "hiking shorts" for her.  One can hope! We were on the look out for a pair of "hiking shoes" that will motivate her even more to head out the door for our family hikes on the Wisconsin State Park trails. I was going to invest in a pricier pair, until I found this

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