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I enjoy writing about my own personal running journey, bragging about my clients, sharing tips, writing race reports and sharing product reviews for active families. I have worked with close to 300 different brands and events to review and share their products and services.

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903, 2019

My top 10 Gym Bag Essentials

One of the reasons I am able to get to the gym every morning is simply because I am prepared. Being motivated is only one half of the equation. Being prepared is the other part of making me successful. This involves getting to bed early, getting my clothes laid out the evening before and having a gym bag packed. Always have a gym bag packed. Here is my list of top ten gym bag essentials that you should always have ready-to-go. If you are up and have everything packed -- you have no excuses. No matter what time of day you plan on stopping by the gym. Shoes. I always keep my gym shoes in my gym bag. This way I never show up

903, 2019

2019 Mesa-PHX Marathon Race Report

A month ago my husband and I enjoyed our first kid-free vacation in years and celebrated with a victory lap at the Mesa-PHX Marathon. Getting out of Wisconsin in February sounded like a fantastic idea - why not?! Other than a long run during the first part of winter, all of my training was done on the treadmill at the gym. I was a little worried about the heat in Arizona ... but that wasn't going to be a problem. After flying into the airport in Phoenix, we stayed with friends in Scottsdale for several days leading up to the race. The location was great - as we were able to do lots of sight-seeing leading up to the event. We drove four hours

803, 2019

15 Race Day Preparation Tips for the First Timer

Arriving at the start line of your first 5K or race can feel a little intimidating - I've been there. Here are some of my top tips that I share with my running groups, to help them prepare and set their minds at ease. From packet pick-up to the finish line, here are my top fifteen tips to prepare for your first race. 1. Research the race day timeline and course online. Also see if the website offers information regarding traffic and parking. 2. Drive the course prior to the race, if possible. Even better, run/walk the course! 3. Make sure that you research “packet pick-up” on the event website. Sometimes packet pick-up is the day before the race and even at a separate

401, 2019

2018 Reflection on Running

2018 was an interesting year from me. It was my year of working smarter; not harder. I had just come off of my first, significant injury from running. I took off the winter from coaching clients in person to pursue my personal training certification. I gained so much knowledge for my clients and myself in the process. I fell in love with strength, core and cross training after I saw significant changes in my body and my running. I lost my studio in a gas explosion in my hometown, two days after I completed my space for personal training clients. After my injury, I scaled-back on private running sessions, to protect my body from becoming injured again. I successfully lead dozens of outdoor running groups

1412, 2018

Fusion Belts Running Belt Review & Discount Code

Fusion Belts will make a great holiday stocking stuffer for any runner or outdoor enthusiast in your life. Santa treated me early this year and I chose the Run Run design in a size medium, which fits womens pant sizes 8-10. They also offer a very similar yoga style in their online shop. Use RunningDiva15 for 15% off of your holiday order. And yes, there is still time to receive your Fusion Belt before the holidays. The Fusion Belt has a moisture-proof front pocket which is perfect for carrying all of your running essentials - keys, energy gels, identification, cash, phone or ipod. This is a great option if your phone doesn't fit into your waist belt of handheld water bottle. The belt is 88% polyester

712, 2018

PB Fit Peanut Butter Powder Review

Tired of your same old protein shake? I recently finally tried PB Fit and put a couple tablespoons into my post-workout shakes over the past several weeks. It was delicious -- every.single.time. I tried adding it to my protein powder and tried mixing it alone, with unsweetened almond milk. It made for a delicious post-run or strength training treat and kept me full until lunch. It felt great to add a little extra protein into my morning after a hard workout like I had. I always struggle with getting my protein in during the day, so I'm excited to have these as an easy and delicious option. PB Fit tasted great both with and without the protein powder. I had come by PB Fit

1611, 2018

New Year’s Eve Printable for Families

Our family loves holiday traditions. They don't have to be big or epic. For us, it is a lot of little things - like sleeping under the Christmas tree on the night that we decorate, saving all of our change for the year in a mason jar and taking the family out for a steak dinner for the New Year. And this worksheet tops our list. This is one of our favorite traditions as a family.  We just love sitting around the table on New Year's Eve with sparkling grape juice and reflecting on our year. We've already mentioned how awesome 2018 was and how we are going to have a difficult time listing just one favorite memory this year.  We now have about

1611, 2018

Knuckle Lights Advanced Review

About a decade ago, I invested in my first set of Knuckle Lights. Wow, have they come along way?! With limited daylight right now, being visible is super important. Almost any outdoor run that I do right now is in the dark. I need traffic to see me and I need to light my way on the road and sidewalks. Knuckle Lights are a very important component to my winter runs. Knuckle Lights are so much easier than the standard mini flashlights that I use with my running groups.  These are super comfortable, lightweight and brighter than ever (280 Lumens and ultra bright) and no bounce. I have a pair of rechargeable Knuckle Lights Advanced. Instead of worrying about dead batteries, these simply need to

1910, 2018

Your Perfect Day

Have you ever stopped … ((pause)) … to think about what your PERFECT DAY would look like? I asked a client this recently. Then she, in turn, asked me the same. Our answers were different, but our ideal days contained a lot of the same elements – family, alone time and passion. It almost seems like a dream to think about our ideal twenty-four hours. The impossible. But, it doesn’t have to be. Many of the components of my day are entirely attainable within the next … twenty-four hours. What are things that make you want to wake up in the morning? Who are the people that you feel giddy around? What tasks make you feel fulfilled? My day consisted of: Rising before 5:00

1210, 2018

2018 Lakefront Marathon Race Report

This was my fourth time running the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee. I had also spectated the race twice. So, I have become really familiar with how well-organized this event is and how great the course is. The race shuttles drop you of in Grafton (north of Milwaukee) and participants run south towards downtown Milwaukee. This would be my fifteenth marathon. I still can't quite wrap my head around that.  Fifteen! After a morning of coaching and kid activities, we dropped off our littlest and headed towards Milwaukee. I always coach the morning before a race, so instead of running 6-10 miles ... the new me decided to walk during class. We always stop in Pewaukee at Thunder Bay Grill for a salad bar lunch

2005, 2018

My Weightloss Story

A Relationship with the Scale My Weighloss Story & Journey to Running Diva Mom I've been wanting to write an article on my struggle with body image, my weightloss story, and my relationship with the scale for some time now.  At every speaking engagement I have or running group that I start, I touch on my struggles.  I feel that it's important to share your story.  Not only successes.  But, most importantly your struggles.  It's your struggles that make you who you were, who you are and who you are still striving to be.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Once you reach goals, half of the battle is sticking at it.  Keeping the weight off.  Keeping up with your training.  Pushing yourself further.  It's too easy

2005, 2018

How I Became Running Diva Mom

How I Became Running Diva Mom Why I started running I started running in 2005 after watching a friend compete in Ironman Wisconsin.  Up until that point, I had never had a regular fitness routine and had struggled with my weight.  Running was the first form of exercise I actually enjoyed and therefore made the time to fit into my day.  As the mother of a toddler, it was nice to schedule some time for myself.  Running soon became a social outlet as I met other runners at races and through running blogs. How Running Diva Mom Began After reading several blogs written by other running moms, I decided to start one myself.  I developed Running Diva Mom in 2009, which I felt described my bold, outgoing style out on