Fifteen Ways to Drink More Water

My 15 Ways to Drink More Water Each Day

Many of you may have set a New Year’s resolution to drink more water or give up soda. I gave up soda in November and am nearly eight months of being soda-free. Being a Diet Mountain Dew addict, I admit that it was difficult at first. I especially struggled when eating out, but it’s totally been worth it. Water keeps you hydrated, makes you feel less bloated and you consume fewer calories. Water also makes your skin clearer and more hydrated, which is especially important this time of year. Choosing water when dining out is also a money saver.

I have been playing a lot of tricks with myself to consume more water. Here are fifteen ways to drink more water throughout your day;

1. Start your day off right. Drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning after you brush your teeth. This works well when taking your daily vitamins and prescriptions.

2. Refrigerate a day’s supply of water the night before. Ice cold water is much more refreshing to drink.

3. Keep ice on hand.

4. Keep a to-go cup with you at all times while running errands. This is especially helpful when grocery shopping while hungry!

5. Store a supply of pretty tumblers at home and at work. You will be more inclined to reach for something that makes you happy.

6. Drink a glass of water after your last cup of coffee. This will also help keep your teeth clean.

7. Keep fresh lemons and fruit on hand to sweeten up your water.

8. Drink with a straw and drink more water throughout the day.

9. Drink water with your meals instead of soda, juice or milk.

10. Take a water bottle with you while you exercise. Invest in a handheld water bottle for mobility.

11. Invest in a large jug of water and fill it in the morning. Mark the jug with a halfway goal and try to reach it by Noon.

12. When going out, alternate each alcoholic beverage with a glass of ice water. This will help keep you in check and you will consume less calories, too.

13. After you complete each project during the day, enjoy a glass of water. You will drink more water and feel accomplished in more ways than one!

14. Use sugar-free flavor packets to sweeten up your cup.

15. Drink a glass of water before each meal. This will also prevent you from eating more.

I'm always interested in hearing how you maintain your lifestyle and love to share ideas! Feel free to contact me below or if you have any questions about how I can help you be the best version of you!

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