Tips for Running in the Heat

Follow these Tips for Running in the Heat from Running Diva Mom

Running in the heat is a great way to work up an awesome sweat and burn off lots of calories and water weight, but it also can present some problems and issues if you are not prepared. I always suggest using caution when running in the heat, especially if you have a history of heat exhaustion or sensitive to an extreme amount of sunlight. I also suggest to slow your pace down considerably when running in the heat. Your inner core temperature rises as you start running, and running when it is warmer out will only escalate your body temperature faster. If you feel like you are overheating or sweating at a high rate and feel cold, stop running and walk, let your body cool down and make sure you find some water to drink. Always plan a route that has spots to refill your water at a park or a gas station, etc.

Following these steps and suggestions can help you enjoy your next run, no matter how hot it is!

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  1. Modify your workout with run/walk intervals
  2. Bring a water bottle filled with ice water to run with
  3. Bring an extra bottle of ice water to drink while you are stretching after your workout
  4. Wear light-colored clothing
  5. Wear tank tops and shorts
  6. Wear wicking/breathable clothing and avoid cotton
  7. Wear your hair up
  8. Wear a baseball cap or visor for shade
  9. Wear sunscreen
  10. Bring a hand towel for after your run
  11. Choose a route where you can run in the shade when you can
  12. Run early in the morning or at dusk if you can

Running Diva Mom is a Certified Personal Running & Fitness Coach in Sun Prairie, WI. I offer several different running programs as well as being an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I have run dozens of full and half marathons and have coached close to 1000 women doing their first 5k, 10k, half and full marathon events.