Celsius Fitness Drinks Review


Well, these were tasty!  I recently had the opportunity to give Celsius fitness drinks a try. I have tasted many, many brands of sports drinks, fitness drinks and sparkling water over the years. I really

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Fusion Belts Running Belt Review & Discount Code


Fusion Belts will make a great holiday stocking stuffer for any runner or outdoor enthusiast in your life. Santa treated me early this year and I chose the Run Run design in a size medium, which

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PB Fit Peanut Butter Powder Review


Tired of your same old protein shake? I recently finally tried PB Fit and put a couple tablespoons into my post-workout shakes over the past several weeks. It was delicious -- every.single.time. I tried adding

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Knuckle Lights Advanced Review


About a decade ago, I invested in my first set of Knuckle Lights. Wow, have they come along way?! With limited daylight right now, being visible is super important. Almost any outdoor run that I

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