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Treadmill + Strength Workouts


Do you love a good cardio session, but need to also embrace your strength training? Of course you do! Grab a set of light dumbbells and join me for these quick workouts that combine the

Treadmill + Strength Workouts2021-02-05T13:05:43+00:00

Winter Running in Sun Prairie


Hopefully you have had the opportunity to share some of my favorite Madison-area running routes with me. Unfortunately, they aren’t all clear once the snow and ice arrive. If you are heading out for your

Winter Running in Sun Prairie2021-01-20T21:02:14+00:00

Holiday Workout Playlists


I love updating my playlists frequently and providing new tunes for my personal runs and my clients' strength and cardio sessions in the Running Diva Mom Studio. The holidays are no different. Here is my

Holiday Workout Playlists2020-12-16T20:52:13+00:00

New Year’s Eve Countdown Workout


As the year concludes and the over-scheduled holiday season winds-down, take thirty minutes for yourself to complete this New Year's Eve Countdown Workout. Together, we will countdown from 20 to 1 with twenty different exercises

New Year’s Eve Countdown Workout2020-12-17T16:31:50+00:00

Christmas Core & Arm At Home Workout


With the chaos and lack of routine around the holidays, it is even more important to make time for ourselves and make our health and wellness a priority. We should all try to carve out

Christmas Core & Arm At Home Workout2020-12-16T20:47:53+00:00

First snowy run of the season.


First snowy run of the season. Slippery five miles! No excuses now — so that there are no excuses later today!

First snowy run of the season.2020-11-28T13:59:13+00:00

Who’s exhausted?!


I’m the one that’s mentally exhausted from this week! But she’s the one that got a nap in. And I got a ton of movement in. Six miles of wind and sunshine. We both feel

Who’s exhausted?!2020-11-19T12:45:10+00:00

So many unknowns today.


So many unknowns today. 😳 But I quit focusing on what I couldn’t control today. And instead spent 47 mins focusing on something that I could. I took the road less traveled today for five

So many unknowns today.2020-11-19T12:38:08+00:00

17 years old vs 40 years old


This 40 year old who ran 40 miles in a day was just cleaning out the basement and tried on this 17 year old’s letter jacket. You know, that girl who could not finish a

17 years old vs 40 years old2020-10-01T11:59:06+00:00
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