Let’s talk .... vacation running!!! Didn’t happen.
My running shoes were packed. All the extra clothes and gear were packed. I had all the time available in my mornings.
But I just wasn’t feeling it. I haven’t ran in almost a week. I’ve never taken a week off (or even a couple of days) in 15 years, unless physically forced to. Normally I’d be getting stir crazy. With every vacation I set the alarm and get out early and run. Disney world. California. Chicago. Arizona. Tennessee. Minocqua. Door County. I need to run off the crazy before a full day of schedule planned activities. And I love exploring new places on foot. It’s always something that I can control in my day. But I don’t feel the need for it this time.
I’m enjoying sleeping in til 6. Enjoying several cups of coffee. Donuts. Chasing waterfalls and hiking all day. Evening date walks up the mountainside with my hubby. And not being on a schedule. Maybe this is where age 40 has brought me.
I know that running will return when I return back home this weekend. It’s a part of me and my routine. Just not a part of this family trip of lifetime experiences with no plan or strict agenda. My reset button has totally been set.