5 Runs + Coffee stops in the Madison area


I love combining my runs, hikes and workouts with another fun outing -- often a visit to a local coffee shop. Here are some of my favorite coffee shops to run from and refuel with

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Our favorite bug spray: REPEL Lemon Eucalyptus


People often ask me what bug spray works best for my long runs, working-out outdoors and what I use on all three of my kids. We were introduced to REPEL lemon eucalyptus insect repellent a

Our favorite bug spray: REPEL Lemon Eucalyptus2019-05-20T17:43:46+00:00

Snag Baby Diva’s “Hiking Shoes”.


See these cute pink, ruffled sweat pants here??!!  Baby Diva has named these her "hiking pants". Every time I announce that we are going on an adventure, she digs into the bottom drawer of her

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No more “mom suit”!!


Tired of wearing a "mom suit" to the pool? Make a change this summer!   I use to run around in my running clothes at the swimming pool or would wear suits with a skirt.

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Free Family Adventures Within an Hour of Madison


If you are filled with the need to explore and get the kids out of the house, but your bank account isn't padded, these are some of our favorite FREE ways to explore in the

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Living on Less and Finding Much More


Our family has spent the past several years de-cluttering our life and our home. I use to spend time and money shopping for things that I didn't need -- and honestly couldn't afford. I use

Living on Less and Finding Much More2019-05-20T17:46:15+00:00

Tips for Hiking with Toddlers


The past few years, I've really been trying help my kids see that there is a whole big world out there. I was not exposed to the beauty of our local state parks or exploring

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Just the Cheese Snacks Product Review


Our family had the opportunity to try out Just The Cheese snacks this spring. We were sent several different flavors and products.  The kids and the adults all enjoyed them. However, my toddler didn't like

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Ten Celebratory Miles


This week marks a full decade of Running Diva Mom's journey. Ten years. Thousands of miles. And hundreds of blog posts. This morning, in between sessions, I was able to log ten celebratory miles outdoors.

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Fierce and Feminine.


I use to think that being strong and lifting weights meant being bulky and making a lot of noise in the gym. I was hesitant to give it a try. Like super intimidated. I was

Fierce and Feminine.2019-03-25T18:52:18+00:00