With so many of us being consumed with "being busy" and "on-the-go", you might be feeling a little bit lost during this time of uncertainty and unscheduled hours. I know I have a bit. Okay, maybe more than a bit. But, I am trying to embrace this time doing some of the things that I have let go of with relationships, around the house, things I haven't done for myself and just those nagging things that I never seem to make the time to do.

Here is a list of things that you can do to stay productive instead of just binge-watching Netflix. (Although I will be indulging in a little bit of that, too!). Here are seventy-five things that you and your family can do to keep yourselves busy while you have some forced downtime.

  1. Finally take down your holiday lights.
  2. Call a friend or family member - just because.
  3. Create a playlist or download some favorite songs.
  4. Get a head-start on cleaning up the yard for spring.
  5. Write a hand-written letter or a send a card - instead of a text or email.
  6. Share a favorite childhood movie with your children (Goonies, Princess Bride, Stand by Me, Clueless - you get the picture).
  7. Read through that stack of books you've been collecting.
  8. Go to the dog park as a family.
  9. Use gift cards (order out from restaurants, shop online, visit establishments/activities that are currently still open).
  10. Make a vision board or complete some goal setting worksheets.
  11. Have a family paint night at home.
  12. Play a different board game each evening after dinner.
  13. Set up a puzzle in the living room and work on it a little as a family each day.
  14. Play a game of cards.
  15. Clean out your vehicle and glove compartment.
  16. Take a family photo shoot in your home or outdoors.
  17. Have a family talent show.
  18. Brush, bathe and groom your pet.
  19. Start a blog.
  20. Deep clean blinds and windows.
  21. Clean and organize your refrigerator and pantry.
  22. Sort through keepsake boxes and make assigned containers/files for each family member.
  23. Clean out filing cabinets and shred unnecessary and old paperwork.
  24. Clean your coffee pot.
  25. Clean out expired medication and beauty items.
  26. Write or journal.
  27. Research summer/fall races and fitness events.
  28. Support a local, small business.
  29. Clean out your jewelry box.
  30. Open videos, board games or toys that are still unopen from the holidays.
  31. Flip through that stack of magazines on your bedside table.
  32. Work on continuing education.
  33. Find a recipe to try online, using your new stockpile.
  34. Replace/frame photos.
  35. Clear out the kids' closets for spring and summer.
  36. Create donation piles of old clothing, toys and household items.
  37. List items on resale sites.
  38. Replace filters (water, furnace, vehicle).
  39. Paint a room in your house.
  40. Clean your baseboards
  41. Trim and water your houseplants.
  42. Assign each member of your family a room and get ahead on spring cleaning.
  43. Clean out your garage.
  44. Get an oil change.
  45. Toss out old tupperware.
  46. Back-up your phone and photos.
  47. Create an indoor scavenger hunt for the family.
  48. Have a family dance party.
  49. Clean out your inbox.
  50. Take your car to the car wash.
  51. Clean out your electronic files - old files, duplicate photos.
  52. Vacuum your stairs.
  53. Sit down and have coffee or a glass of wine (and actual conversation!) with your spouse while listening to some music instead of the tv.
  54. Order pictures for albums or scrapbooks.
  55. Focus on injury prevention, stretching and core work with your own bodyweight if you can't get to the gym.
  56. Plan a summer or fall road trip/vacation.
  57. Trim and paint your nails
  58. Clean out your garage.
  59. Knit or crochet.
  60. Exchange massages with your partner.
  61. Meal plan.
  62. Create a spa day at home using all of those gifted lotions and bath bombs.
  63. Plan your workouts for the next week.
  64. Clean out your nightstand.
  65. Have a financial date with your partner.
  66. Update your child's baby book.
  67. Complete a Pinterest project.
  68. Work on your monthly budget.
  69. Try Geocaching.
  70. Shave your legs and floss your teeth!
  71. Find free fitness workouts online.
  72. Use an adult coloring book or color as a family.
  73. Take a bubble bath and light a candle.
  74. Self-clean your oven.
  75. Move furniture and clean behind it.