Hopefully you have had the opportunity to share some of my favorite Madison-area running routes with me. Unfortunately, they aren’t all clear once the snow and ice arrive. If you are heading out for your next winter run in Sun Prairie, and are wondering what is clear for you, I have assembled this resource guide for local runners and walkers. Together with my personal knowledge of exploring thousands of miles of Sun Prairie on foot and the provided City of Sun Prairie bike path and road plow map, I have assembled this resource of running routes available in the Sun Prairie area during the winter.

The timing and clearance of these roads, paths and sidewalks is heavily dependent on the amount and duration of snow, as well as the current conditions.

And, don’t forget to check out all of my winter running tips to keep your next run safe and comfortable, too.

  • North side of Sun Prairie
    • The Orfan Park area offers several distances and clearer options during the winter months. The bike trail is often not entirely cleared, even though it is plowed. When it is cleared, you can use the bike path and also the newer extension that goes from Stonehaven Dr to Egre Rd.
    • If the paths are not an option, there are plenty of safer road and sidewalk options available. Enjoy just under two miles by taking St. Albert the Great Drive to Thompson. Head toward Hwy 19 and then a left on Eddington Drive. This will take you back to the park.
    • You may also enjoy a 5K route from the park along St. Albert the Great Dr to Hwy C. Head south on the bike path and then take a left on Hwy 19 and then another left onto Thompson Dr.
    • For a longer route, you may enjoy running the perimeter of the area, heading east on St. Albert the Great Dr and taking a left onto the Bird Street bike path. This can be taken to the path connected to Stoneridge Estates Park.
  • South side of Sun Prairie
    • O’Keeffe Avenue and the sidewalk and bike path are typically very clear. From the YMCA to the Walmart and back is an even 5K distance. As are the neighborhood bike path along Thoreau Park.
    • There is also bike path that is cleared behind SSM Health and Cabella’s. This path ends at the Providence neighborhood. You can access this from Hoepker Rd or at Innovation Dr and Terra Ct. The distance from the YMCA to the Providence neighborhood and back is approximately four miles.
    • Paths are usually pretty clear from Sheehan Park-West and the Library. Even though the park trail isn’t very clear in the winter months, you can still use the pedestrian path along Linnerud Dr. You may head west toward Smith’s Crossing or east toward downtown Sun Prairie. If you’re looking for a 5K route, run from the library to the Nitty Gritty and back.
  • East side of Sun Prairie

    • Park at Carriage Hills Estates Park and enjoy road running and rolling hills along the Musket Ridge Drive. Run along Schuster Rd and Town Hall Rd toward the back end of Patrick Marsh. This out and back route is approximately three miles.
    • You may also opt to run from downtown Sun Prairie toward the Dream Park and the High School on the east side of town and then through the Meadow Crossing neighborhood. The newer pedestrian path isn’t very clear, but there is plenty of road running in the subdivision.
    • You may also enjoy street parking the Sun Prairie business park, where the city also maintains the bike trail around the perimeter within the business park. This area is quiet, there is less traffic and it is very flat.
  • West side of Sun Prairie

    • The path from Wyndham Hills Community Park along Hwy 19 often remains clear. This route can be taken south along Hwy C. From the roundabout, pedestrians can usually count on Main Street being clear in both directions – toward the back end of Wyndham Hills, or down Main Street. This out and back route is great for a nice hour long run.
    • The route along Hwy 19 is also often cleared, heading toward Hwy 151 for an out-and back-route. Or, runners and walkers can enjoy a few miles down Thompson Dr, along Main St and back to Hwy 19.

Winter Running in Sun Prairie (PDF)