Treadmill Workouts

If you're like me, you have a love/hate relationship with treadmill workouts. There is a reason that many runners call it the "dreadmill" and stare at it with a disdain only runners can understand. Raise your hand if you know what I am talking about! But, unfortunately, here in the midwest to get any type of training done, we all have to face the treadmill at some point.

Treadmill workouts come in a variety of different options and are based on your current level of fitness and goals. Not all treadmills are built the same but the idea for each is consistent. Hop on, pick a speed, set your time, and off you go! Most will allow you to start off easy to get warmed up and gradually increase your speed and may also include options for intervals.

The key is to embrace the treadmill. Use it if for good and understand that it does have a place in your workout routine and to help achieve your goals. I always wear my iPod on the treadmill and even know some runners who cover up the display just so they won't stare at it the whole time they run! What it is that help's get you through your workout, I am all for!

I have developed several fun workouts for my clients, to break up the monotony of their treadmill sessions. I have incorporated short run/walk intervals and speedwork into each workout. Many clients have reported that time goes by much faster and they feel like they have gotten a better workout on their home treadmill or at the gym. Clients should always warm up and cool down with a five-minute walk. There are introductory and advanced options to correspond with your current fitness level.

Have an idea for a great treadmill workout? I'd love to hear about it!

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