How I Became Running Diva Mom

Why I started running

I started running in 2005 after watching a friend compete in Ironman Wisconsin.  Up until that point, I had never had a regular fitness routine and had struggled with my weight.  Running was the first form of exercise I actually enjoyed and therefore made the time to fit into my day.  As the mother of a toddler, it was nice to schedule some time for myself.  Running soon became a social outlet as I met other runners at races and through running blogs.

How Running Diva Mom Began

After reading several blogs written by other running moms, I decided to start one myself.  I developed Running Diva Mom in 2009, which I felt described my bold, outgoing style out on the race course.  I first used my blog as a personal journal with family and friends to record my training, race day accomplishments and to share how I incorporated my family into my fitness routine.  Eventually, it evolved to include product reviews for active families, event promotions, and articles I’d written.

From Novice to Running Coach

Three years ago, I was hired by a local recreation department to lead their first couch to 5k session.  I was excited to share my passion for running with other individuals in my community.  Over the next nine weeks, I saw their attitude, commitment and personalities change.  It also changed me.  It’s been amazing helping other people succeed and enjoy exercise – sometimes for the first time in their lives.  Now I am a Road Runners Club of America Certified running coach and I am helping individuals achieve their goals at various recreation departments, fitness facilities and at Catalyst.  I really feel that I can relate to my clients when I am training them or developing a custom training program.  I know the struggles that many of them face when balancing family, career and an active lifestyle.

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