By 9:00 this morning, I was driving to meet my husband to drop off my vehicle for maintenance. Although I was annoyed that I had to take my van into the shop, I was grateful that we both have the flexible schedules to be able to do things like this every single day. The flexibility. No permission needed to do anything. Setting appointments and schedules on our own terms. To exercise when I can and meet friends for lunch or a walk during day. And, by 9:00 in the morning, I had already ran twice for myself, coached an early morning running group, led an in home personal training session and instructed a virtual fitness class online from my studio. The rest of the day was MINE!

Did I previously think that this life was possible? Not really. Did I doubt myself? A little. Did I fail a few times? You bet. Did I have unplanned setbacks and circumstances? Oh gosh, yes. Is it really hard and exhausting? Yes ... but it's because I love what I do so much that it's hard to turn it off.

All of your dreams are just one choice away. Fitness goals. Career goals. Finance goals. Relationship goals. Even if we have fears, doubts and setbacks, our dreams can still be our reality.

Did you know that I previously quit my career as a "state employee" seven years ago and quickly returned to that cushy position and paycheck within a few months - out of fear? The timing wasn't right. But I made the choice to leave that job that I liked, but didn't love when the timing felt perfect to pursue a career with passion.

Did you know that I was in a toxic relationship and marriage for fifteen years before I decided to step away for a better life - even if it meant being on my own? I lived in my parents' basement for a bit. I rented. I dated. I was forced to be without my kids. But most of that was short-term. And now I feel more secure than ever before.

Did you know that I experienced an injury that forced me to stop running for months, but allowed me to reflect and pursue my personal training certification while I rested and grew my knowledge base as an athlete and trainer?

Did you know that I pursued my dreams of a new studio space, after losing it immediately in a gas explosion? I trained clients from parks, my basement and a friend's business for months before finding a new space that felt right.

Did you know that I had more than $20,000 in credit card debt and made terrible financial decisions. I got out of that situation and haven't touched a credit card in ten years?

Did you know that I have struggled with my weight my entire life and despised extra curricular activities - and sweating? I've weighed close to 200 lbs several times in my life, struggled with eating disorders and have dealt with gestational diabetes -- three times? Running, strength training, setting personal goals and finding activities and foods that I enjoy, while not restricting my food choices have made me the healthiest (not lightest or thinnest) at age 40 than the rest of my adult life.

After each of these experiences happened I felt paralyzed. I sobbed. My anxiety was heightened. I felt fear. I felt like I was unable to move. But I was - able to move. I was able to move forward. I just had to realize it. These situations were all opportunities. FORCED pivotal points to move forward - to something better.

Something better is waiting for you.

We all have tough circumstances right now that we wish we weren't dealt with. Things we didn't plan for or ask for. Schedules and plans have been interrupted. Life seems paused. There are so many unknowns. It's frustrating. But you're not stuck here. You were made to move forward -- over there. Use this time to step back from this situation, reflect and think about what you really want out of life. Use this as an opportunity to pivot. Pivot and make a few small steps towards whatever is pulling at you. Don't let this hold you back.