If you're like me, you probably are living a whole different life than you were one week ago. You may be working from home while juggling homeschooling your children. You may be working away from home while the rest of your family is at home doing their work and school work. You may have been a stay at home parent that now has your entire family at home. You may live alone and work was the only social outlet you really had.

If you're like me, your family has gone from being over-scheduled to having to be creative at home with limited outlets and social interaction. I use to feel almost paralyzed by the number of things on our daily agenda and the number of items on my list that just had to be done. Now that we aren't going any of those places and I'm not doing most of those tasks I'm feeling almost paralyzed by not having the need to keep moving and keep "doing". I have never been a big fan of change and haven't adjusted well to cancellations.

If you're feeling the need to figure out what you CAN do instead of what you CAN'T, try working through this writing exercise.

We can't go to the gym, but we can do core and strength training at home.
We can't have playdates, but we can call our friends.
We can't go outside today because of the weather, but we can have an indoor picnic and watch documentaries about nature.
I don't have a treadmill, but I can run 2 miles around my neighborhood.
We don't have as much income coming in from my business, but I can control my spending.
We can't go out to dinner, but we can get to-go orders and support a local, small business.
We may not be able to go on a planned vacation, but we can plan a vacation for the future.
We can't go shopping, but we can use this time to purge and clean.
We can't see friends, colleagues and classmates, but we can connect with those close to us at home.

Writing Prompts During Times of Uncertainty (PDF)