I love to do worksheets with my family. It's a great opportunity for all five of us to pause, gather around the kitchen table and reflect on life and life experiences. It's also fun to see how we each perceived a specific event differently. We do this regularly on New Year's Eve.

I thought that as these strange times now transition back into our "new normal", that this would offer a fantastic opportunity for our family to reflect on the past several months of quarantine time together at home. A lot of interesting experiences and changes have happened. Old routines were broken. But a lot of positive things also happened during our down-time together at home. New habits, schedules and hobbies have been created. Time together has been at-times challenging. But there have also been lots of quiet moments together and we came up with some creative outlets to keep ourselves busy and moving.

I know that this will be a time in their lives that each kid will remember differently. They are each at very different stages of adolescence. I wanted them to be able to look back and see how they felt and how they persevered at ages four, twelve and sixteen years old.

I developed this worksheet for us to reflect on quarantine individually and as a family.

Quarantine 2020 Reflections Worksheet (PDF)

We also created a time capsule that includes various items that represent our three-ish months together at home. We included a small puzzle, toilet paper packaging, a face mask, a cover from a DVD that our toddler watched from the library on repeat for months until we could return it, some of the painted rocks we found in the neighborhood, artwork from our windows, an empty bag of chocolate chip cookies (to represent the ten batches we made overtime!), a chapter book that we found at a Little Free Library and read together most nights - and several other treasures.