Running Diva Mom featured in Runner’s World


In this Runner's World article, I shared some of my favorite exercises for runners - to work on tight hips, your core and balance in the lower legs. Follow along with the other resources and

Running Diva Mom featured in Runner’s World2020-06-18T16:37:10+00:00

Did you move today?


Feeling stagnant right now? Having trouble moving forward? I get it. Sometimes the first step in moving forward is the most difficult step of all. I hope that you can find the momentum right now

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Broken, Beautiful and Still Running


I have ran all week in tank tops. But, if I had to layer-up again today, I proudly did it in my ol' hoodie from Minerva Running. This bold sweatshirt always makes a statement. But

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Family Four Square Workout


Take your new cardio session outdoors with this fun, Four Square Workout. You can complete this one by yourself, with a partner, or get the whole family involved. Draw four large squares with chalk in

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Hiking Scavenger Hunt


If you are heading out with the kids to a state park or nature trail today, keep them interested by using this interactive Hiking Scavenger Hunt along the way. You may even find many of

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Indoor Scavenger Hunt


If your family is looking for a fun indoor activity, give this indoor scavenger hunt a try. Each family member can print off their own card or adults can complete the hunt with younger members

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Writing prompts during times of uncertainty.


If you're like me, you probably are living a whole different life than you were one week ago. You may be working from home while juggling homeschooling your children. You may be working away from

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75 things to do with all of that free time you have


With so many of us being consumed with "being busy" and "on-the-go", you might be feeling a little bit lost during this time of uncertainty and unscheduled hours. I know I have a bit. Okay,

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75 experience gifts for everyone on your list


With three kids being born during the week of Christmas, things can get quite overwhelming in our household around this time of year.  Over time, we have started saying 'no' to unnecessary commitments, are participating

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