It is really important to incorporate a full body stretching routine after your workouts and runs. Taking the five to ten minutes post-workout can really help decrease your risk for injury and soreness. You are more prone to injury if you stretch before your workouts. These stretches should be completed after you’ve hit the treadmill or the pavement. Instead, try incorporating a 5-10 minute dynamic warm-up before your runs to elevate your heart rate, start perspiration and get the whole body warmed-up. Several of these post-run stretches will also test your balance. There are both standing and floor options provided. Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Stretches for Runners Handout (printable)

Seven min Post-Run Stretching Routine on YouTube (video)


Quad - standing

Quad - laying down

Hamstring - standing

Hamstring - laying down


Hamstring/Lower back

Shoulder/Upper back


Bottom of Foot/Shin/Calve #1

Bottom of Foot/Shin/Calve #2

Outer Hip/Thigh – Pose 1

Outer Hip/Thigh – Pose 2

Inner Hip/Thighs – Pose 1

Inner Hip/Thighs – Pose 2