Tired of your same old protein shake? I recently finally tried PB Fit and put a couple tablespoons into my post-workout shakes over the past several weeks. It was delicious -- every.single.time. I tried adding it to my protein powder and tried mixing it alone, with unsweetened almond milk. It made for a delicious post-run or strength training treat and kept me full until lunch. It felt great to add a little extra protein into my morning after a hard workout like I had. I always struggle with getting my protein in during the day, so I'm excited to have these as an easy and delicious option. PB Fit tasted great both with and without the protein powder.

I had come by PB Fit in the aisles of my local grocery store and was always curious, but didn't give it a try until recently. I am a huge peanut butter and almond butter fan. I typically pair peanut butter with a light English muffin before a long training run. PB Fit will be a great addition to my pre-run routine, because it can also be mixed as a spread. I tried both regular PB Fit and chocolate. The chocolate reminded me of my favorite hazelnut spreads - delicious and equally addicting!

PB Fit is all natural and gluten-free. It contains approximately 87% less fat and 1/3 of the calories of the typical two tablespoons of your regular peanut butter. Two tablespoons of PB Fit contains only 70 calories and 5g carbohydrates and 8g of protein.

PB Fit can be added to protein shakes, pancakes and smoothies. It can also be mixed with water, milk or almond butter for a delicious, protein-packed spread. The spread is great for party dips and platters, to compliment a fruit or veggie platter. It's also great for oatmeal, toast, sandwiches and your favorite cracker. I loved it on apples and celery.

Check out the BetterBody Foods' website for great PB Fit recipes. BetterBody Foods is a natural foods company dedicated to providing the best quality of natural foods at an affordable price. Visit their website for other natural products. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for great recipes and tips, using PB Fit.