My 40 miler kinda broke me. Okay, really broke me. I lost all of my joy for running. For the challenge of my long run. For the love of pushing myself. I’ve been struggling internally with my runs for a couple of months now.

The selling and moving process has continued to challenge my mindset and willingness to let things go and adjust to the “uncontrollables”. When the wires get tangled, when the pieces get broken, or if I’m unable to adjust ... my long run becomes my “controllable”. But I just haven’t been willing to push myself like that lately.

But today my husband told me that he was taking our little to church and that I was GOING for a long run. Alone. She got in her fancy dress. And I put on my running gear and I headed out for an unknown amount of miles.

I attended my own outdoor place of worship and processed life in my own way. A half marathon behind me and I feel like a totally different person. Running has helped me pick up the pieces yet again.