Today I made another great choice for my mental health. I embrace movement ... every. Single. Day. Yup, everyday. Movement motivates me. It’s just who I am. And when I don’t move, I am a wreck. Always feeling like I should be doing more.

I am embracing a full 24 hours of rest. And my watch will be sitting here charging for the rest of the day. So that it doesn’t remind me of what I’m NOT doing today. (a clever suggestion from my hubby.)

Instead ... I am going to focus on what I AM doing today:
  • didn’t wake up at 3:50 — instead woke up at 6:00 to my husband cuddling with me.
  • didn’t rush though my morning cup of coffee — enjoyed a slow, morning coffee date with my hubby.
  • didn’t head downstairs to run or workout — let my daughter and her friend sleep in til what felt like noon in the basement.
  • didn’t squeeze in a quick run later in the day — finished my taxes instead, so that is no longer nagging at me.
  • didn’t squeeze in an afternoon workout and another quick shower — taking my kids to visit my former mother in law who is ill and I have not visited in a decade.
  • didn’t log my food for the day — enjoying a much needed date night with my hubby while we bribe the kids with takeout at home.