With three kids being born during the week of Christmas, things can get quite overwhelming in our household around this time of year.  Over time, we have started saying 'no' to unnecessary commitments, are participating in quiet holiday moments at home, enjoying family time with extended relatives and are experiencing holiday traditions that truly mean something to our family.

We have also started given each child an experience gift for their birthday - usually some alone time with me. And also a few experience gifts under the tree with their other packages.  Also, as our parents have aged, they are also finding that they don't need more "stuff". There is nothing worse than buying "just for the sake of buying". Sometimes gift cards don't mean too much. And wandering the aisles to find an item for $40 just to fill a need ... doesn't really fill a need at all. By sharing an experience with someone, it becomes a gift that is also enjoyed in other ways, extends the charm of the season, provides a reminder of your relationship and care to the recipient ... and often times, I get to share in the experience, too. Which makes it double the fun!

Here are some of the ideas that I've had over the years, an experience that I've shared with someone or would personally like to receive from a close friend or family member. These are seventy-five experience gifts for everyone on your list.

  1. theater/venue gift card
  2. expo entry (scrapbooking event, car show, womens expo, etc)
  3. concert tickets
  4. household cleaning service
  5. gym membership
  6. car washes/detailing
  7. name a star after them
  8. musical theater tickets
  9. comedy club
  10. video arcade tokens
  11. swimming lessons
  12. amusement park admission
  13. children's museum membership
  14. date night with you to their favorite restaurant
  15. spa day
  16. opera tickets
  17. entry for a continuing education class
  18. carriage ride
  19. family summer pool pass
  20. lessons to learn a new language
  21. personal training/fitness classes
  22. newspaper or magazine subscription
  23. donate money to a cause that is close to them
  24. drive-in movie
  25. tickets to see a local sports team
  26. state park or national park seasonal pass
  27. sledding/tubing hill
  28. coffee shop gift card
  29. waterpark passes
  30. gift card to a new, local restaurant
  31. subscription to a meal planning service
  32. trampoline park
  33. bike rental for the two of your or your family
  34. dance classes
  35. airfare gift card for travel
  36. kayak rental
  37. bowling
  38. brewery tour
  39. support a park or animal that they care about
  40. skiing
  41. scavenger hunt (or Wizard Quest)
  42. ice cream date
  43. ice skating
  44. miniature golf
  45. stand-up paddle board rental
  46. horseback riding
  47. baking class
  48. cooking class
  49. wine tasting
  50. walking food tour
  51. bus or trolley tour of a new city
  52. rock climbing classes
  53. camping reservation
  54. ziplining
  55. painting class
  56. woodworking class
  57. gift certificate to a garden center
  58. laser tag
  59. monthly puzzle membership
  60. roller skating
  61. crafting or jewelry making class
  62. gift card to a craft store
  63. overnight at a hotel together
  64. piano, voice or guitar lessons
  65. escape room admission
  66. go-cart admission
  67. zoo membership or admission
  68. aquarium membership or admission
  69. infrared sauna session
  70. self-defense class
  71. movie tickets
  72. massage or couples massage
  73. pottery studio gift certificate or class
  74. chiropractic care
  75. nature center admission