I love combining my runs, hikes and workouts with another fun outing -- often a visit to a local coffee shop. Here are some of my favorite coffee shops to run from and refuel with a vanilla latte after I've burned all those calories (and possibly a sweet treat -- sshhhh!).

  1. Deerfield - Leave from the public park on Main Street (across from the bike shop) and head in either direction on the Glacial Drumlin Trail. The trail is crushed gravel and totally flat. When you're done, walk just down the street to Deerfield Coffee House for a bagel or a muffin with your post-run cup of coffee. There is variety of seating, board games and an adorable play area for the little ones.
  2. Sun Prairie - Start and end your morning run at What's Brew'n in Wyndham Hills and run a 5K loop along Highway 19, Highway C and West Main Street. The coffee shop also has a nice play area if you are bringing along your little one in a jogging stroller.
  3. Deforest - After your unforgettable run on the Upper Yahara River Trail in Windsor/Deforest, drive down the street to Windsor Breads for fresh-brewed coffee and a variety of morning sweets. Sometimes the owner's children are even running the cash register.
  4. Downtown Madison - Leave from Ground Zero Coffee on Williamson St (Willy Street) and head past Machinery Row, and then past Lake Monona, around the Monona Terrace and onto sunny John Nolen Drive. This coffee shop tends to be chill and quiet - a good way to relax after your upbeat cardio session.
  5. Monona - Depart from Rosie Coffee Bar & Bakery on Monona Drive and head north on the path towards Olbrich Gardens or in the opposite direction towards Winnequah Park's dream park. Finish with a latte and a sprinkled donut in this cute, little spot!

And if that isn't enough for you -- don't forget about my upcoming womens running retreat + coffee in Deerfield on August 11th. We will run on the Glacial Drumlin Trail, sweat-it-out in the adjacent park with a fun, introductory arm and core workout and stretching. The ladies will then refuel inside the Deerfield Coffeehouse afterwards. Each participant will receive a $5 gift card towards their coffee and food purchase.