I know that I've said this before -- and you've probably heard it elsewhere -- but, you really ARE more than that number on the scale!
The photo on the left is a whopping 14 lbs lighter than the photo on the right. I am heavier now -- but am the fittest that I have been.
I felt FIT, SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY in both photos. The same clothes still fit, but they fit differently now. I had never lifted a weight in the photo on the left. I was not fueling my workouts properly on the left and became extremely injured. I was a strong runner, but not fit overall.
I now feel even better in my clothes. And then I step on that scale and see the larger number glaring back at me. And it immediately changes my mood and perception about myself and my progress. And, it shouldn't. This is a reminder to YOU -- and to MYSELF.
That number does NOT tell your whole story.