Walk into Running Diva Mom Studio

1280 W Main Street, Suite 122
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

In the fall of 2016, I opened the doors of a small space near downtown Sun Prairie. I opened an indoor running studio for women to hold my clients accountable throughout the cold, Wisconsin winter months. I ran with many women and mothers and motivated them through interval workouts, speedwork and energizing music. I thoroughly enjoyed working with clients individually and working with them towards their own fitness goals - outside of the group setting.

In July 2017, I moved to a charming studio space in the heart of downtown Sun Prairie. Running Diva Mom Studio made it's mark at the busy corner of 105 North Bristol Street. The studio offers a great opportunity to work with clients privately towards their running and fitness goals or a meet-up space for outdoor runs. I work with both runners and non-runners on core, flexibility and strength training.

In July of 2018, downtown Sun Prairie experienced a terrible gas explosion at one of the busiest corners in town. My studio was located across the street from the explosion site and we lost nearly everything in my space. Other families and small business owners experienced terrible, life-changing losses. After working with clients outdoors and in my home for several months, I was finally able to open a new space in the Salon Deluxe building on Main Street in January of 2019. The open space is bright and colorful with natural light and inspiring quotes. I am also surrounded by more than twenty other female small-business owners.

A purple yoga mat that says "keep going" that was salvaged from the downtown space is displayed proudly in the new studio on Main Street. The larger space has allowed me to work with more clients, groups and children. Opening this new space and following my dreams and passion, also allowed me to leave my other career - and pursue Running Diva Mom on a full-time basis.