If you don't currently have access to any equipment or are a frequent traveler, it can be difficult to be creative with versatile exercises that will challenge you and make you stronger -- without any equipment. I have created a repository of at home workouts and videos that help you perfect your form on my YouTube channel. All of the exercises require very minimal equipment -- and many require just your body weight.

Here are five at home exercise that require absolutely no equipment. You can easily complete these from your living room, cramped quarters in a hotel room or outdoors at the local park while your little one is playing.

This no equipment workout is called the double leg ab press. You'll use opposing forces to engage the core with this lower ab workout. This core workout is a great addition to your ab workout routine at home. Hold the position for 30-45 seconds.

Wondering how to do a side plank? Here, I demonstrate how to do a modified side plank and then add some difficulty with the side plank lifts. Master your side plank form! This shoulder workout is also a great workout for strong shoulders and core muscles to support the back and posture. Start with 10-12 on each side and work out way up to 15-20. No equipment is needed for this at home workout.



Try SQUAT JUMPS for your next LEG DAY and get both a leg workout & and a cardio workout in. This at home workout requires no equipment and just uses your body weight. Hold the squat and hold for 5 seconds and then complete 2-3 jumps back down into the low squat hold. Repeat 5-8 times for an exhilarating cardio workout. Your quads and your glutes will feel this one!

This exercise requires no equipment, but will help increase your overhead range of motion and help perfect form for your arm curls and overhead tricep extensions. Complete 10-15 reps. After perfecting this, try adding 2-3# bells.


Open up tight hips and work the core and the shoulders with these body-weight exercises on the mat. You might feel silly doing these exercises, but your hips will thank you later. Your rear will look great after this booty workout, too!