2018 was an interesting year from me. It was my year of working smarter; not harder. I had just come off of my first, significant injury from running. I took off the winter from coaching clients in person to pursue my personal training certification. I gained so much knowledge for my clients and myself in the process. I fell in love with strength, core and cross training after I saw significant changes in my body and my running. I lost my studio in a gas explosion in my hometown, two days after I completed my space for personal training clients. After my injury, I scaled-back on private running sessions, to protect my body from becoming injured again. I successfully lead dozens of outdoor running groups for 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. I spectated clients in races instead of running alongside them. I grew my virtual coaching business and accountability groups online. After successfully marketing my business through social media and my blog for nine years, I finally launched my own website. And then, I opened the doors of my third studio at the closing of the year.

I ended the year with 1,509 miles behind me. This was forty miles short from the year prior (including the seven weeks of mandated rest in 2017). Both years were an all-time high for me. But this year's miles were a lot smarter and a lot more appreciated. I ran a lot with clients and groups. But I also ran a lot for myself. I would typically run 10-25 races per year. This year I ran two. Yes, you read that right ... two. I ran a half marathon in the spring and full marathon in the fall.  And I set personal records in both. My heart and my miles were really fulfilled in 2018. I came home from several runs in tears because the passion was still there inside of me. Those runs gave me all of the feels and the fuel do more for myself -- so that I can in return do more for others.