Running Diva Mom's Introduction to Speedwork

My Introduction to Speedwork
Running Diva Mom

Speedwork can be intimidating, confusing and exhausting when you're just getting started. But completed once a week, it will make you a more efficient runner, faster out on the race course and my introduction to speedwork will help prevent boredom during your training cycle. Try one of these workouts, the next time you have 2-3 miles planned. Or contact me to schedule a private speedwork or hill work session.

This form of speedwork is typically incorporated into 20-40 minute training runs.  Very short bursts of swift running for 10-30 seconds.  Incorporate 6-10 strides during a 20-40 minute run.  After each stride, do NOT stop running.  Instead, continue your run at your conversation pace.  Most often done at the end of a workout.  Run to a landmark, mailbox, street sign, etc.  Promotes efficient running form.  Easier recovery than other forms of speedwork.

Done at a swift, continuous pace, generally for 20-30 mins.  Tempo runs are completed just below your maximum pace (between your 5K-10K pace).  Promotes efficient running form.  Teaches speed and patience during discomfort.

This “speed play” includes fast bouts of running, followed by a bout of “rest” at conversation pace.  Not specific amounts of time or specific speed.  Can mix up and change speed with each workout.  Works great with ladder system – alternating one min/two min/three min/four min/three min/two min/one min, etc.  Promotes efficient running form.  Teaches patience during discomfort.  Increases strength, less chance of injury.

To run faster, you have to train at a faster pace. To do that, you need to understand the proper methods of increasing speed, improve your running form, and take my introduction to speedwork class! I can help you achieve a faster time and maybe even a new PR!