Just like working out, we all have to MAKE the time to meal plan. That’s why I’ve set aside some time for you to do just that! Come join me for an interactive two-hour meal planning workshop on February 1. We will plan our menus around our busy schedules, commitments and also incorporate eating out. Meal planning has been proven to reduce stress in the evenings, save money when shopping for groceries, help families eat healthier meals and spend more time together around the dinner table.

Ladies, here’s what you’ll receive:
Meal planning binder with dividers and pockets
Meal planning board
Meal planning worksheets and calendars
Shopping lists
Discounts to local businesses and services to make meal planning even easier
Information on online grocery shopping
Access to recipes via cookbooks, magazines, and Pinterest
Healthy snacks and refreshments

What to bring:
Your calendar and phone
Favorite recipes or recipes you want to try
Invite a friend to join in the fun!